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New here and to Catera too :)

My girlfriend and I are looking to aquire a 2001 Catera from my family out in the midwest. I'm a little concerned the car will not pass a smog check when it's back here in CA.

I just asked if they could look under the hood to see if the car was 49 or 50 state emissions when new -- but I am guessing this isn't a concrete "it will or will not pass smog" indication either way.

Anyone have insight?


- nick

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The car has to meet emissions standards as indicated on the underhood emissions decal.
I have heard the myth that you have to make it california emissions before you can bring it into CA, that is just not true... nor is it even possible.
They used to charge the 300 dollar "smog impact" fee but they they determined that was illegal so they refunded it to everyone that had to pay, with interest. (I made 30 bucks the hard way)

If the car is in good shape and running okay it shouldn't be hard for it to pass smog in CA.
There's only one way to really know.
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