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Cadillacs Crusher Bound!!!

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I am posting this here as these are probably the engines most frequently found in the cars I am talking about.

There's this place about 2.5 hours east of Toronto called Minakers. It's a wrecking yard that has been accumulating vehicles since the 30s. They have decided to close, and are sending all 3,700 vehicles to the crusher. ALL OF THEM! There are a quite a few 60s and 70s Cadillacs (some older). Some of them are relatively complete and virtually all of them still have engines.

I wanted to let everyone know so that they could attempt to rescue as much as possible.

Help prevent these cars from going to waste.

(Sidebar...can anyone offer some advice on getting windowglass out of old cars? I've never tried that before, and could use some help.)
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Ah, if they were closer, and I had the moving capabilities, and I was living at my own place, I would save some of them. LOL

Why are the closing?
Getting glass out is easy enough, you'll get the hang of it quickly. Take a piece of piano wire (after you remove the molding around the glass) and push it through the caulk. Grab both ends of the wire, maybe wrap it around 2 screwdrivers or 2 vice grips. Saw back and forth. Good luck!
Thanks for the tip. I will have to set aside a couple of days before the weather gets too brutal.

They are only closing the yard, they are still a repair shop and do have lots of parts. I suspect that property taxes have to do with closing the yard.

I really hope someone comes to rescue these cars and engines!


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