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Cadillac's & Coffee Long Beach Gran Prix (Save the date!!!) - 4/21/13

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Hello All,
As the title suggests, save the date! The Long Beach GP will again be in town the April 19th - 21st, 2013. We will have a very special Cadillac's & Coffee to kick off the race day. After everyone has a chance to check everything out, we will have a cruise to Downtown Long Beach and meet up with the Cadillac Corral. Last year's event was incredible and was the biggest turn out ever for a Cadillac Corral.

Here are a few images from last years events:

Let's start getting a head count of who's interested in attending. If there are too many attendees for Cadillac & Coffee, the local Cadillac Dealership has already agreed to host the event!

Thank you,

Dr. Design
D3 Cadillac
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Count Stacey and I in as usual(one V) plus I know we have Sean and at least two of the Trinity TEK V's that will be coming with me this year so I'll take (3) spots for sure. (((( **where is Mr. Wells and his lists when we need him**:)))) Cant wait to see all you guys from last year and really looking forward to this year.
Told one of my Vett buddies "the CTS_V's will once again be rolling deep in the LBC during race weekend so watch out!:tisk:
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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