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Cadillac warranty - car rental policy

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I have a 2006 DTS that I’m starting to need some work performed on it which is covered under the Cadillac warranty and I’ve been told by the dealership that Cadillac will only pay for one day of a rental car no matter if the car needs to be in the shop for more then one day.

What is the deal? Is this accurate information?
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Nope, when I've needed warranty repairs for my DTS (and the DHS and Eldo before it), the dealer just hands me a rental car for however long it takes. Of course, it's in their best interests to speed the repairs as quickly as possible to lower that rental cost, but then again they get reimbursed for it by Cadillac. If your dealer is telling you one day only for a multi-day repair, you need to 1) find a new dealer and 2) lodge a complaint with Cadillac about this dealer's poor customer service. Good luck.

It depends on the repair, but usually Cadillac will pay up to 3 days without problems. The Service Manager has the power from there to get more rental but the circumstances have to warrant more days in the rental.
If it is a major engine or trans problem and the parts are not available or if it is a safety related repair and parts are on backorder then the rental can usually get paid for whatever it takes.
If it is a knob that broke and the dealer can get it overnight they might offer to let you keep the rental for a day.
It all depends on the situation.

You can't take the car in on Friday for some trivial junk and then go on vacation in your rental car, they won't pay for that.
Not that anyone would ever try that of course.
Alot of the better dealers also keep service loaners on the lot, especially the ones that are connected with other highline brands. This prevents them from having to foot a rental bill in the first place. Sometimes its the same class of vehicle, sometimes not. I know one guy on here was driving an 07 Sierra around when his V went on the fritz (I think it was a V, not sure anymore).
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