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davesdeville said:
The singlemost hick creation I've ever seen, I mean it has a confederate flag on it for crying out loud. I like the Hemi trike more.
~ Dave: You need to put the Rat into the equation! This is a phenomenon that has been running through the Biker community for a long time! Rat Bikes have their place in Bike Runs and Shows. This being the "single most hick creation" you've ever seen, you still have to give the builder/creator some kudos for the innovation in building a vehicle that the DMV deemed legal for street operation! I've been researching building a Trike (not a Rat) using a Cadillac engine when I came across the Deathtrap III. I've seen Northstar engines in Sand Buggies but never in a Trike. If anyone has please send me the info! Rat Bikes are usually well maintained, great running Rigs they just look the Rat Part.

Skullman {:{}
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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