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Cadillac SRX Knock

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Im experiencing some slight knocking noises upon acceleration and deceleration. They are faint sometimes and louder at other times. I would say it only occurs every other day or so. It feels like it may be coming from beneath my pedals on the driver floorboard.

Engine mounts?
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Better check your oil ! Secound you might have a chain in the transfer case that's bad .
I still have about 65% according to my readout when I scroll through my menu odometer. I may be 200 miles over the stickers suggested time to reservice it though. How would I check the transfer case chain?
OOOH MY ! That's sure not the way to check your oil when you own a SRX !
To check transfer case chain, from a complete stop start accelerating with gas pedal down to the floor, if you hear noise underneath, it's time to have a mechanic check it.
It's good to check engine oil with a dipstick every week.
Dude he has a V8 don't panic yet.

Yes it is a good idea to check the oil in your car and not on the screen but I have not heard of a V8 running out of oil in an SRX.

I had a bolt break off the held the engine cradle to the bottom of the subframe, under the drivers side floor, I posted about it with pictures I think but cant remember lol
Yea I am replacing the hydraulic hood strut this afternoon when the part comes in, I haven't been able to check it because I can't hold the hood up by hand and check it at the same time.

Do you happen to remember what the bolt was that you replaced. I don't think it is engine mounts and I never lay on the throttle when I am driving, so the problem never really presents itself unless I'm crossing a median fast or something and then let it idle out. My concern is about 20% though. I've had mechanics check it twice now and they can't find anything wrong with it. I'm planning on selling it soon and just wanted the next person to enjoy it as much as me and wanted to tie up all loose ends first

Thanks everyone for the help!
I have not heard of a V8 running out of oil in an SRX.
Mine was eating over half a liter for each 1,000 kms for years and I hear about other people around here having issues with oil consumption on V8's.
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