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While I am thrilled to see Cadillac introduce the SLS (which is what the STS should have been from the start), and I hope to God they bring it to the U.S. so I can purchase one, I find this statement from Cadillac to be ridiculous:
"The Cadillac SLS is a very important addition to our line-up in China as it meets very specific market needs," said Jim Taylor, general manager of Cadillac. "Cadillac reacts to country specific requirements and is proud to offer the SLS to Chinese luxury customers who demand extra space in the rear and other features."
Does Cadillac really think Americans prefer the cramped rear seat of our STS to the spacious rear seat of the Chineese SLS? Do they think we prefer the plain Jane interior of our STS to the gorgeous one in the SLS?

Wake up Cadillac (and the rest of the domestic auto industry) - there is a reason American automakers are struggling, and although I have kept buying Cadillacs through it all, I am getting tired of seeing the rest of the world get your best efforts while I watch your competition here in the US temp me with better products than you choose offer me here. And to add insult to injury, products you do offer elsewhere.
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