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Hello Cadillac Owners,
I am upgrading a 1957 Chevy Wagon for every day use by my teenage daughter. I would like to use Cadillac seats with integrated seat belts in place of the old bench seat. This is for safety reasons. The newer Cadillac seat will have good head rests for support in the event of a rear end collision ( the Chevy seat now has no head rest). Also, if I get a seat with an integrated belt, I will not have to drill into the post to anchor it. Plus, some experts think that an integrated belt results in a better fit for more people.
I have been searching the internet for the dimensions of the Cadillac seats with integrated belts...with no luck. Would any of you folks who own Caddys be able to send me some dimensions? For example, how many inches are there from the floor to the top of the seat cushion? And, how wide is the seat? And, what is the width of the seat from side to side? Finally, how tall is the back of the seat from floor to the top of the head rest? These measurements will give me some idea of whether to look for Cadillac seats or not.
Thanks to all,
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