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cadillac roadside service

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I know G.M. is having money problems but I hope this great service will never go away, I just had my 2005 sts strand me in Flint, michigan. I called the toll free number and within 5 min. i was talking with a cadillac dealer tech. within 30 min he was changing the battery and I was rolling down the road. What service ,he was from Superior Pontiac and Cadillac In Flint Michigan, he said the program has been going since 1987, I know this will not be last cadillac and this is the reason why.
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Yesterday my Caddy was towed to your shop for repair – electrical system completely dead. The folks at the Cadillac 800 number were great, but watch who come sto srvice your Caddy!

The first tow truck driver (who did not end up towing the car) scraped the rear of the vehicle on the ground while attempting to load. At the very least the chrome exhaust tips will need to be replaced and possibly the mufflers. Prior to that he pushed the vehicle to get it into position and then threw it in Park before it had stopped moving – that will need to be checked as well. Before all that he managed to destroy the brick column at the front of my driveway with hi struck and when he departed, I noted that he also left about a quart of hydraulic oil on the driveway.

What a nightmare! However, the second tow truck driver was a real professional that knew how to load the vehicle without scraping it on the driveway.
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