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Cadillac Keyless Entry remotes

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What does your local dealer charge for Cadillac keyless entry remotes?

My Cadillac dealer wants $129 a piece plus $35 for programming for each of my Cadillacs (01 Deville, 96 Deville ).

I'm curious to see what other dealerships are charging for new remotes and programming.

I'm done with ebay because the listings show new remotes, and 3 out of 3 times I've won - I end up with junk that doesn't work and won't program. First one was superglued together and cracked. Can't check the battery if you can't even open it. Second one was completely corroded inside from water and didn't work. The 3rd one only 1 button worked and it looked like someone tried to superglue the circuit board pieces back together. Each one was advertised as new, or like new and they obviously weren't anywhere close to that. The Keyles Ride site is run by one of those same lying ebay sellers, so thats off the list too.

What does your local dealership charge? I bet there's some that want even more than what mine is charging.
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Not sure where you are but Autozone sells the RKE for about 70-75 bucks and programming is free. Just go here to check it out. Also check out,, and You should be able to get them at least 40-50% off dealer prices. Hope this helps.
Well, I just called Autozone, and they said its $149 for a 96 Deville, and "you have to get them programmed by an outside source". I already have the programming instructions, but it appears they don't even include them for that ridiculous price...
For what it's worth, I bought my remote from a Hi Volume eBay vendor with a 100% sales satisfication rating. He states in his listing to contact him before giving negitive feedback, if you're not satisfied with your purchase. It was a "Buy It Now" auction so there was no drama. Unfortunately I lost the instructions shortly after I received my remote. But within two days of me e-mailing the vendor for help, I hadnew instructions and was able to sucessfully program my used genuine Cadillac remote for a little more than your dealer's programing fee. If your programming instructions require you to ground a wire from the trunk, make sure you're getting a good ground! I used a cheater cord wire to extend and reach a location to achieve a good ground.
Gzzzz.....we are moving. I have a bunch of Cadillac remotes....

The 92-95 Seville had a specfic remote.
The 96-97 Seville had a specfic remote.
After that...have a bunch of good 444 etc...some new in the GM bag.

Drop us a line....

Logan Diagnostic
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Try this pricing on for size
Local Cadillac dealer....Houston

1st remote $125
2nd remote $75
Program Fee $75

+ Tax @ 8.25%

Local Premium Locksmith ....Houston

$150 for a pair of new Cadillac remotes in plastic bags. Includes program
All remotes sold in pairs only at this location.

+ Tax @ 8.25%
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I found another site that sells the keyless entry remotes -

The KR site wants $89 a piece, basically almost dealer retail price for the 96 Deville remote, and they're half that price on thepartsyouneed site with the instructions included. I ordered 1 this morning.

I'll keep you guys posted. If it works good, I'm going to order one for my 01 Deville as well.
I just bought one on eBay for my '93 that looks brand new. $20 and 5 minutes to program that one and I'm set... They appear on eBay a lot. Keep in mind, there are two different part numbers, for a #1 and #2. I already had a very well used #2, so I bought the new #1 and programmed them both together, now I have one to use and a fully-functional spare.
Glad to hear you had better luck. I hope yours isn't superglued together or damaged enough to wear the battery out every 3 days. I'll update you when I receive my remote I ordered.

I got my order in 3 days!

The remote was easy to program so I finally have a working unit and I'm pleased.

I got free shipping on my 2nd order as a return customer bonus or something which made the deal even better. :thumbsup:
93Miata said:
The Keyles Ride site is run by one of those same lying ebay sellers, so thats off the list too.
I'm sorry to hear you had problems with the Keyless Ride folk. I purchased a remote from them at half dealer price. It was advertised as, and appeared to be, a brand new unit. Two of my non-Cadillac accomplices at work also purchased there without problems.

DIY instructions were included as a freebee.

I'd be interested in hearing from anyone who's had difficulties with Keyless Ride. I'd hate to continue recommending them if they're unreliable.

tremor12 said:
Keep in mind, there are two different part numbers, for a #1 and #2. I already had a very well used #2, so I bought the new #1 and programmed them both together, now I have one to use and a fully-functional spare.
#1 and #2 units are identical in every respect but part number. The different designations are simply a customer convenience.

Yes, the 1 and 2 are just guides on back of the remote for programming, but I know you can use 2 x #1 or 2 x #2's when programming. First remote programmed is known as #1 to the receiver.
I got my 2nd order in today. Since I was getting free shipping I ordered a 2nd remote for the 96 and a pair for the 01. The 01 required dealer programming, but surprisingly I got that done for free at my local Caddy dealer. I'm quite impressed. I wish my other cars had keyless entry but they don't even have power. rocks!
Sorry my links didn't help but thanks for informing us about I'm going to check them out for my remote for the Pontiac.
I ordered a new key and key fob for my 2001 sts at the Caddy dealer (Amigo Cadillac, Gallup, NM). Total cost (I had it done just yesterday) for key, fob and programming: $148.47.
How do I know if I have a keyless remote entry in my caddy?

Got a 93 Seville..
Could be great if someone told me how to find out.

/De_Ville from Sweden.
I think all 93 Sevilles came with power locks and keyless entry when new. It might be best to confirm by calling a Cadillac dealership's parts department with your VIN number. They can verify if you already have the receiver installed.
I recieved one dead remote with my car. I cracked it open and the oscillator had come loose (it's heavy with only two leads so that when the keys are dropped, it's more likley to come off than other things in a "throw me your keys" incident). I soldered it on, put in a new $2 battery and now have 2 working remotes!
You made 2 remotes out of 1?
I got a notification today that one of those ebay sellers was suspended (probably for the same issue with other people). I'm doubt there is any recourse to get my money back, but at least nobody else gets burned. I found something else odd out today too. On another forum, somebody mentioned that they had pretty badly limited range with their remote, but if they aimed the remote at their chin, they could get the car to lock and unlock from about 80 ft away.

I tried it when I was headed back to my car from the mall today, and it Probably will get brain cancer now...but it about triples the range.
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