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Cadillac Dealers in Atlanta

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Any dealers in the Atlanta area that "Rock" like the ones I have seen from several posters (know how to take care of a V and treat it/you right?)

Hennessey has not been good. I had my tires rotated and they lost one plug, didn't reset the tire pressure to match the wheel location and the pressure for each tire was different.

Just curious.
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I go to Herritage Cadillac in Jonesborro, love them for the most part. Good ppl, dont ever give me too much shit.
I've used Hennessy and Capital. Had mediocre experiences at both. Someone else recommended Classic so I will probably give them a try next.
Thanks guys. Just amazing that Atlanta, as big as it is, does not have a good dealer. Maybe we should get the Massey guys to call the Hennessey guys....

Let us know how Classic goes.
I use Hennessey and am not disappointed. Had a major engine failure and they took care of me. Service is OK..not bad. I pass right by Heritage on my way to Hennessey. Classic may be a good choice for V's however.
I have had some bad experiences at Classic in the past. However, I was told that a new team came in last year to clean things up and my most recent experience was much better. Still not sure how mod-friendly they will be though because when I asked about intake and exhaust, I got the "well if it causes the problem, it won't be covered" and I felt like they were saying that if you change the intake and exhaust and have any engine problem, they might say that it was caused by the intake and exhaust. So, at this point, its not Lindsay of the South as of yet...
I have gone to Classic in Roswell twice, for diff issues (replacement). They actually have an accessory shop on site. They put my B&B exhaust system on, upgraded wheels and have had two follow up phone calls to make sure I was happy.

Guess I will get reality check on next visit since mods:

> Vengeance custom comp cam
> Kooks long tubes (which the accessory shop wanted me to buy from them)
> Vengeance tune

Dyno = 400hp/400tq with 96 degrees outside air temp and high humidity

My service advisor is Bill Borowski, nice guy.
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My service advisor is Bill Borowski, nice guy.
Interesting. He's the one who tried to fleece me (as confirmed by Cadillac) on unnecessary maintenance items on my CTS.
Interesting. He's the one who tried to fleece me (as confirmed by Cadillac) on unnecessary maintenance items on my CTS.
Maybe he got spanked over that, he couldn't have been any more supportive and service oriented. Where the unnecessaries charge items to you or warranty?

BTW - Ron at Vengenance Racing in Cumming said they are now a certified GM warranty shop. They just received certification in the past 30 days. Just spoke to him on the phone prior to posting this to confirm the facts.
They were trying to charge me with the's the long and short of the story....

Took the CTS in for service today for airbag recall and oil change at 14,200 miles. They're telling me that I need to have the throttle blade assembly cleaned since it is built up with carbon at a cost of $80. They tell me that it is the mechanism that operates the gas pedal and can cause the gas pedal to stick and I could get into an accident if I don't do this service. Also, I'm told I need a new fuel filter for $40. And then they called back and said I needed a new air filter. Remember, the car has only 14,200 miles on it!

I called the General and they found nothing about the throttle blade assembly requiring any maintenance and the fuel filter is supposed to be replaced at 100,000, not 15,000 as the stealership suggested. The General called the stealership and they defended their position saying that based upon conditions in Atlanta, these are their suggestions. I would be hard pressed to find a more reasonable climate than in Atlanta. Traffic maybe, but I don't have to drive in it....

When the service writer finally called me back he acted like the General had not called. I had to basically cross examine him before he admitted that he was in on the phone call. I told him that I would pay for exactly what I had brought the car in for (oil change and rotation) and that I would not be paying for any of the other services. He said he would check with the service mangler. He continued to insist that the other services were requiired in our area because of smog and traffic...fuel filter and throttle blade assembly service....
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Good to know the background on this. Thanks
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