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Cadillac CTS security issues

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I have a 2007 CTS, I bought it used at 128,000 and the radio screen displays Service theft system, the temp, gas gauges reads zero. The traction light comes on and the key is stuck in the ignition. Can somebody please tell me what's wrong. I feel like they knew this before selling me this car. Is this a computer issue????
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This happened to my 2007 CTS within one week of buying it three weed ago. Lucky for me the dealership fixed it but it was in their garage all week. They replaced the ECM then had trouble registering my keys with it. It's been almost two weeks and the problem hasn't came back. I say lucky for me but I don't know if they would have fixed it if I hadn't bought their service plan. So I feel like I'm paying for it anyway.
This has been an ongoing problem with my 07 cts since the day I bought it. Local dealer said they can't find any code or problems. I have had my car since 2010, just had this problem occur again last night. I would love to know if either of you finally got a lasting repair.
I'm currently working through the same issue. Service theft on the msg screen, PDL, PW, and Climate control not functioning. The car will start and run but no gauges work, and I can't shift out of park to drive. I get no codes on my reader, and nothing in the history. When I hooked up my reader while the car was running, it did allow me to shift out of park and drive though. I'll update if I get any results. Scheduled an appt at the dealer but I'm going to try and fix it myself before then if I can.
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