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Cadillac Alarm Problem

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Hello everyone
I just installed an alarm system from compustar in my 02 escalade and the security light in the message center stays lit all the time while i am driving. I took it to the place that installed the alarm and they have told me that it is because of the remote start and in order to get rid of the security light i need to remove the remote start. Has anyone found another way to solve this?
Thank you
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Ask the place that installed the car starter if they might have disabled the security system for the key, to trick the car into believing that it is ready to start. The reason why I say that is because, some cars have a chip in the key, like a Mobil Speedpass, and when the key is in the ignition it gives off a frequency to tell the car that it is ready to start. It is so that someone can not start your car with a screw driver when they steal it. But a remote starter requires you to disable that function of the frequency, so the car will start without a key when you press the button on the remote starter remote. But I'm not sure if Cadillac uses that system.
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