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1977 fleetwood
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i have a 72 year 472 motor, its swapped into a 1977 fleetwood. the motor is
manly stock with a th400 tranny aside from aftermarket headers and a HEI used
from a 425 to make the 472 go from points to HEI. i had the car on a dyno,
it reads 200HP and 330 torque. the tech guy says the carb needs fixing or get
another one all together. its really sluggish carb wise. the carb i have on the 472
came from the 425 which is a 795cfm q-jet.

my thought is maby im using a dirty carb not tuned for the right displacement.
any who since its making 200hp 330 torque, my end goal is to have 300hp and
400 torque, can that be achieved with a rebuilt q-jet and edelbrock 2115 intake?
any info ill greatly appreciate.
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