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Cadi./ G M won't give me my repair records. Nor will they give me info on the brake recall work. I bought a 97 Deville 2 years ago from a Cadi dealer. After charging me thousands of dollars for 8 brake rotors in 20,000 miles, and charging me for BOTH headlamps falling out, which is a common manfuacturing defect, GM has the guts to tell me that all the work done on my car before and after I bought it, is proprietary. Cadi won’t put in writing anything.
Does my car have it's original brake pads? Cadi won't tell me. How can the same pad wear out 3 or 4 rotors? Cadi won't tell me how, but it is my fault that brake rotors don't last 5000 miles. I don't race, tow, nor drive off road.

When I talk to GM on the phone, I can tell they have a mile long computer screen file on my car by how long they have to scroll through their screen.

How can they risk the liability of not disclosing the safety problems of my car? How can they risk the liability of refusing to disclose the recall repair work on my car after dozens of demands? And they still charge me for repairs after repairs caused from the brake recall work, that may have never been done, nor done right, or needs to be done again, that is still damaging my car over and over again.
Is this standard practice?

I'll return your calls.

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I don't know why it is that Lexus is glad to give you every single repair record there is - but Cadillac tells you (like they told me), "That information isn't privy to you"...

Are you talking to them in person or on the phone? If you can become friendly with one of the service advisors, he/she may help you out. I got that "privy" answer when I called and they didn't know who I was.. I have a feeling if I had asked my service advisor in person - he'd have told me...
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