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I saw on a thread that you had a friend whos bearings went out. Was it a Catera? My bf is having some issues with his bearings and the dealership told him that he could not fix it himself or would have to spend a grip on buying the special tool. Thanks
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Sry it took a while to get back to you, but i have some bad news. My friend's car that had the bad bearing was an Audi A4. the good news though is that he had gotten it fixed for $150, then again the fact that a stinkin bearing costs that much to be replaced isnt much to rejoice about. He ended up getting it fixed at a local performance shop. I would never recommend going to the dealership for a problem unless other shops are unable to work on the problem or cant give a some type of guarantee, i'd try to avoid getting ripped off by the dealer for the bearing too.
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