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2001 DTS(140K), 2000 ETC(284K), 1990 allante( 80K)
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hello, i haven't posted for a while. mainly busy as hell!
but i had a issue with my cat on my dts it was overheating heating because i had a coil pack give out and i limped it home with lots of raw fuel... i learned my lesson... so to trouble shoot it, put a straight pipe through it. and then bolted on MBRP mufflers, NO resonator and new tips.
i used the stock piping other then new pipe from the cat flange to where the resonator ends.
i have a new cat on order right now through rock auto, so i have to wait for it to arrive.
mean while i have put on 800 or so miles on the car since removing the cat and the only back draw i have found was a slight stumble at idle, ( i have replaced my CKP's...) other then that it is much more responsive, i know several people mention that the stock cat is hi flow, which it is... way better then any aftermarket product out there, but running the car catless these past days, really changes alot!. my mpg has actually gone up by .4-.6 MPG it will even squawk its tires going into second on WOT runs every time now.
its quiet at idle and on the hiway, but if your blasting around it sounds AWESOME

here are pics.

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