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Cabin Filter Retrofit for 07 escalade?

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Hello to all. I'm a new 07 Escalade owner. Love this SUV. I went from MB GL450 to Range Rover to Escalade in 12 months. This is the best so far. I have one question though for all of you who owns 2007.

Did you notice that AC is not contantly blowing good air? I mean it feels cold but probably humidity is not right or maybe its dirty air. Sometimes it blows cold air then it will blow what seems like untreated air from outside even though its on recirculate. I know when it happens because my nostrils get dry and I feel like I'm gaspping for more air. I felt like I'm NOT breathing the right conditioned air with proper humidity. My AC common temp is 60-64 degrees. I took it to the dealer and they said freon is low. After repair, its seems just the same as before.

I did a little research and found out that we do not have cabin filter. Could this be the cause of this issue? Now I'm thinking of installing this filter that other Yukon and Tahoe owners did. Your feedback is highly appreciated. Thanks.
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I know a few owners with 03's to 06's installed a filter retrofit kit, the 07's looks the same but not sure anyone has tried it yet. I was going to look into it but most of the time I drive with the windows down, when I use the AC it's usually set at 71, and works good in both 07's. Where do you live?
No filter?

I thought so. There is conflicting info about air cabin filters on Escalades. It sounds like there used to be one but the got rid of it.

What genius came up with that idea?

It looks like there is a slot that was sealed over where the filter used to be as far as I can tell. I'd love to cut that sucker open and find a filter that would fit.

The lack of a filter is really quite annoying to me. My other car is a Mercedes- you can drive right though a cloud of blue smoke from some old P.O.S. and never smell a thing.

Any info on retrofitting a filter would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.
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There's a thread somewhere on this forum where this was discussed. I don't have the time to do the search right now but maybe later this evening. I recall someone figuring out how to get it done, something about it still being available on the Silverado's, and other GM trucks. All you need to do is figure out the part number and do a little bit of cutting.
Oh yeah, regarding the recirculation of air, someone also indicated that the AC system on the Escalade will not completely shut out fresh air from the outside. I forget the exact reason but it irritates the crap out of me when I'm behind a tour bus and can't stop the fumes from entering the truck.

I found this thread on a similar forum:

The pictures show a pretty strait forward modification. The main guy who posted this also makes a kit that shows how to do it and contains two filters and a cover.

This is for 03-06 models. I sent him some measurements and photos to see if the kit would work on an 07 Escalade. The HVAC cover looks exactly the same to me.

I'll post again if we get it figured out.

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The guy who made the kit is not ready to try it out on an 07 model just yet.

He wants to measure it to make sure it will work before encouraging hacks like me to cut up their new trucks.
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