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Cabin air filter, or other vent flow restrcitions?? (93)

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My 93 Eldo doesn't exactly send a storm out of the vents. In a head to head against the GF's Focus, it would be blown away.
The heat is hot, the AC is cold, but the volume of air just isn't there.
Anything I should look for in the way of restrictions? The rear fan practically blows as much air as the entire front vent matrix.
Does the 93 have a filter system? If so, I'm liable to rip it right out instead of cleaning them- the nightmare that I've heard of.


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No cabin filter on the '93. Look on top of the black HVAC box on the passenger side at the base of the windshield. Is there an embossed pattern that says "CUT HERE TO SERVICE"? If so, cut that out. That will give you access to the evaporator which may be clogged by now. You could clean it with a brush and vacuum. You would then have to get inventive on how to patch the hole. Duct tap, aluminum tape, beer can & RTV. Be advised that those HVAC boxes tend to get brittle and crack, so do so at your own risk. That makes me think of another point. Maybe it has already started to deteriorate. If so, your blower is blowing some of the air meant for the cabin out under the hood, thereby reducing the pressure at the vents. Somewhat like a leak in a garden hose. Check that out first.
Fantastic. Thanks Ranger. I've cleaned other cars' evaporators in the past, giving great results, but had no idea hot to access this one. I'll do that soon.

Hmm, ok. Having finally found time to fiddle with the car- I am having trouble accessing the evaporator. There is no "cut here to service" label, but there IS a "cut here to remove blower motor" label embossed into a round-ish plastic casing, (where the motor usually is) but that's all. I did a test cut a little ways to the left of it, in the more square area (there is a big 4 or 6 wire plug sticking up from the area) where the evaporator should logically be, but I only uncovered yellow insulation and something hard underneath it.
Any suggestions??
I'd get a FSM. That should show you exactly where it is.
The '93 still has a power module. Remove the three 7mm screws, then pull it out of the to of the case.
I was wondering about that- I was going to pull that out to do some exploratory surgery. Good to know, I'll yank that out and try to get some better access.

SO I always wonder why there was a hole under the base of my winshield, I had noticed it there with the motor running it was flaping away, from the blowermotor, so its been duct taped for a while now,I knew it had somthing to do wth the blower motor just wasn't sure what it was.
I too was having the same low air volume prolbem, thanks to this forum I sloved that prolbem, I used a BBQ brush and A vacum & the results were instant, If I hold my hand inbetween the two front seats I can now feel the air blowing strongly on the HI setting.
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