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C5 Z06 Clutch parts...interchangeable ?

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Is it possible to just bolt on a 03-Up Z06 Flywheel / Clutch to our cars and get rid of the Dual Mass Set-up ?
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c5racr1 said:
I think u have to use a spacer to get the slave closer to the pressure plate. I heard KATECH is using the 04/05 GTO clutch, ask them

Thanks for the heads up...C5 parts can be bought cheap
Staxxin said:
Closer 2001, I'm interested in hearing the answer to your question if you receive one...

Reviewing past threads...

Parker is/was running a GTO clutch with the Katech that is the same as the Z06.

Spec now has a GTO specific part that eliminates the need for the spacer.
Rey said:
There are absolutely no worries with using the ZO6 clutch/flywheel assembly with a TPIS spacer. I have 15K miles on such. You will need a spacer as the ZO6 assembly is narrower than the CTS-V. Both Ktech and TPIS sell the spacers.
What do you think of the difference in feel from the car ?
Rey said:
. The only clue to a technition that the car is modified is an enlargened hole in the bell housing for the clutch line.
Please elaborate on this...
1 - 5 of 12 Posts
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