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C1241 - 97 Eldorado

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C1241 Magna Steer Circuit Malfunction
C1255 EBTCM Internal Malfunction.

Hello all, Im seeking some help with the 2 above errors.

I know that the C1241 is refering to the electromagnet coils on the base of the steering rack. I also know they aid in assisted and resistive steering and low or high speed

I'm attempting to daignose what is wrong, wether its the eletromagnet , or the wiring , or the EBTCM.

I tested the Electromagnet on Terminal A and B, "With it in plugged" , the ohms reading it gave back was 2.8. So this falls within spec.

I tested the Terminals C and F @ the EBTCM , and it returned 3.1 "C AND F is the same as A AND B , But readings at the EBTCM" .

So theoretically, the steering rack test out fine. Does anyone know any other way to test the rack besides a basic OHMS TEST?

Also i found some instructions on how to test the EBTCM, basicailly it says with the key on i should check for voltage on the C and F wire, if below 1 volt , replace EBTCM, If above , check for short to voltage

I'm about to do a voltage drop test on the C and F wires that go to the electromagnet by putting 12 volts on them and loading them with a test light , and see how much voltage drop there is to make sure the wires are ok. I've already ohms tested them to make sure they are not shorted to ground or positive.

Any assistance would be appriciated thanks
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No one has any clue about this type of stuff ?
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