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bypass power window switch?

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I have a 97 Seville STS and my driver side window switch is broke and I know the motor is working just fine. Does anyone know how to bypass the power window switch?

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Why bypass the switch and burn up the motor? Go to a junkyard and pull a switch panel and change the whole thing.

or look at
I just need to raise up the window temporarily while I wait for a new switch. Is bypassing possible? Thanks.
I just need to close my window temporarily while I am waiting for a replacement switch. Is bypassing possible, and if so how do you do this?

You could lift the switch panel and try a jumper of 14 - 16 gauge wire and test clips. As soon as the window hits the upper stops, disconnect....
Thanks for the quick reply. I am trying to understand the how the switch works because, inorder for the window to work both sets(front and back switches) of the main switch needs to be plugged in. I know that the pink wire for the front set is "hot" and and the rear set switch dark brown wire is "hot". Would you happen to know which wires I need to cross to get the window up?
Not sure if there's a difference in the individual switches for your 97 and my 02, but IF your driver's window switch has a 5-pin connector on the underside, you want to carefully jumper pins 1 (UP, hot) and 4 (ground) to move the glass UP.
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