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Bypass air ride Compressior

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Yeah just as its said. Is it any way to do it on a 89 eldarado. The car sits pretty low in the back and the back air struts are not even 1 year old. I just bought the car and iv got every thing elese fixed on it but that ride hight. What im trying to do is just have it so i can fill theme up at an air pump. :confused: And yes im new to cadillacs
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normaly air struts or air shocks only have a 1/8 inch airline goin to them.if you want some adjustability.just put air bags on it.doin it that way,youll be able to go up and down.:thumbsup: either way,you could spend a good amount of money or damn near very way,air compressors,air valves,air line, fittings,air gauges,air tank and switches....or another way,just put a shrader valve (excuse that spelling) and a tee fitting on the air line and fill it like youd fill a tire...its entirely up to you.i have a fully adjustable air ride suspension on one of my trucks.and i get CRAZY looks wenever i drive that one is being built for show only.
Another thing i wanna know ia where is the Compressior
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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