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Buying tires off the internet

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For those of that have purchased tires from an internet site, such as Tire Rack, where do you get them mounted? I've tried a couple of tire places and even Costco tire center, but everyone keeps telling me they won't mount tires they haven't sold.
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I believe Tire Rack has an option to have them shipped to an authorized service center to have them mounted.

I'm really not sure though, as I work at a dealer and have all my tires mounted for a 6 pack and some Camels. :D
Tirerack will recommended on their site 'approved installers' in your area. You can also have the tires shipped directly to the installer once you contact them and agree on the price for mounting and balancing. Make sure you call the installer to confirm their Internet pricing, as some try to get more than listed from customers.
Find any wheel and tire shop. Call them and ask them how much. That's what I do. A tire shop would be retarded if they didnt want to mount and balance a set of tires. I pay $80 CAD to mount and balance (adhesive weights) a set of 4 18s. Takes them half an hour and costs them maybe $2 in weights. They make more money doing service than actually selling tires.
Where do u live. Then maybe we can give a better answer. i know a few place around miami.
Oh and some places are better than others. i did use a tire rack installer but they could not get them ballance right so i took it to a place that had a road force ballance machine. That did the trick.
Must be nice that your local wheel and tire shops have so much money that they don't need your business. I have used the Tirerack numerous times, great prices. My local tire guys always mount and balance for me but I am forced to hear the same story about how much money they could have saved me if I bought the tires from them. Never the case though.
I took my tirerack tires to Costco. They mounted them on my new rims (thanks to Lindsay Cadillac for the great deal).
Charged me $47. Took 2 techs roughly an hour, some of which was trying to reset the new TP sensors. Even though I had the instructions, they wanted to try their gadget, as they don`t get to use it much. Ended up resetting them in the parking lot myself.
Considering one of the local shops wanted to charge $80 just to reset the sensors, Costco was well worth it.
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