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I used to own a 98 STS and enjoyed it quite a bit. I am interested in buying a newer STS and had read that GM had improved the engine and Stabiltrak in the 2000 model year. I am hesitatnt to buy pre 2000 anyway, but was wondering if there was much difference between the 2000-2002 STS? From what I have read there wasn't much that changed in this timeframe. But what better place to make sure of this than right here?

Also, I noted that GM has an extended warranty website to obtain an extended warranty. Id much rather buy a GM warranty to makesure everything is covered over a third party warranty that may cost marginally less. Is there a way to obtain the GM warranty on the average lower mile 2001 or 2002, or will I be forced to go with the 3rd party insurance? Since Im not going to be buying from a certified GM dealer, I was just curious if the GM warranty was even possible at such a stage.

thats for any buying specifics of what to look out for in regard to what is most likely to go wrong with this period of STS.

Many thanks!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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