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Buying a used XT5

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Should I be wary of buying a car that is from MN. or WI? I'm looking at 2019 XT5's from those states.

How many miles are too many when buying a 2019 XT5? Differences and preferences between 19 and 20? What is a good price for a 19 luxury?
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Look for a CPO in your price range with the options you want. The luxury is the base model, Premium Luxury gets you additional features, then there's the Platinum and maybe the Sport, not sure what year the Sport came to be.

Check out autotrader in your area.
I love my XT5, I bought it in August 2022 as a CPO with 20,000 miles. Haven't had any major problems with it since. I'm up to almost 30,000 now.

I'd avoid cars from northern climes, they use salt on the roads up there!

BTW, you have 2 threads with the same subject...
I would not buy any car sight unseen, not even a new one.
I also bought my XT5 sight unseen, it was a CPO at a dealer in Salt Lake. It was exactly what I wanted and more! Some unexpected curb rash on a couple wheels, but nothing major. No regrets! But, it was a CPO at a Cadillac dealership.
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1 - 3 of 29 Posts