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Buying a used XT5

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Should I be wary of buying a car that is from MN. or WI? I'm looking at 2019 XT5's from those states.

How many miles are too many when buying a 2019 XT5? Differences and preferences between 19 and 20? What is a good price for a 19 luxury?
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WOW..Do you XT5 owners feel the same way?? What about getting a Minnesota or Wisconsin car,anything worse compared to cars from elsewhere?
My car from Wisconsin. And I see traces of winter chemicals on my car. Chrome has traces of corrosion. Му car is 2 years old.
All brands have their dogs. I guess you can buy a Toyota or Lexus if you don't care that you'll be driving some of the ugliest cars with the worst infotainment interfaces around.
But you will be driving a safe car.

Ummmmm..... The chrome on the outside of the XT5 is chrome plated PLASTIC. That doesn't rust or corrode. Sorry.
When I receive the car from repair, I will show the photo.
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1 - 3 of 29 Posts