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Guys, I have loved driving my 1995 STS for as long as I've had it but I found a good deal on a mint condition 1999 STS with 73,000 miles for $8700 and I jumped on it. Don't get me wrong, my 1995 STS has over 220,000 miles on it and the engine still runs like a dream, BUT the interior is cracking everywhere, the front spoiler is cracked, there are key marks on the paint job, the cruise control works every so often, the compressor kicks on when IT wants to and the blower motor just went out. I sold my 1995 to a good friend for $2000. He'll be using it to go back and forth to work. The Blue Book value on my 1995 in fair condition with 220,000 miles is $4130.

Does anyone have any information at all to share about the 1999 STS model?

To everyone here, it's been a true pleasure sharing information with you and each and everyone of you helped me save mucho dinero and I appreciate it. Special thanks to THE MAN, """"Ranger"""".

Is there a different discussion group for the 1999 STS or is this still the same group?
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