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My 94 STS is still running but has been giving me troubles more often recently. Saw a 2005 Cadillac STS from local seller

-- 39,900 Miles
-- 19" Chrome Wheels
-- 17" Stock Wheels
-- Custom Chrome Grill
-- Push Button Start w/2 Remotes
-- Remote Starter

Seller asked for 16k, car looks nice. I am not sure if Cadi has improved engine since 2002. What's the chance of getting those famous problems such as HG that will cost a fortune in a 05 model?

Is this a good deal? Any input welcome.

2002 F55 STS, 2014 Explorer XLT, F-150s
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An 05 "STS" is not a Seville. Entirely different breed of cat. You need to post in the "STS" forum up toward the top pages ^^^^.
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