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2004 Deville
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I put the new bumper cover on the car last weekend, I searched around and couldn't find too much info on the swap. I'll post what I did, maybe it will help someone out in the future.

First, open the hood and remove the 4 plastic rivets that hold the cover to the impact bar

Then remove the splash shield underneath, It's held in with 8 or 9 plastic rivets.

Then take out the inner fender front liners they are held in with 5 plastic rivets each

And the wheel well with the liner removed

There are 3 bolts on either side of the bumper they go through the support assy inside the fender, one of them broke on me so use some pb blaster of similar stuff on them.
the rearmost one has to be removed from inside the wheel well, but there is much easier access to the front bolts if you remove the headlights.
You can also see in the pic some of the damage caused by the accident, the side marker light was pushed out of place and the slots it fit in were broken.

It was at this point that the skies opened up on me and started pouring and I had to take a 3 hour break until it stopped raining so, I have no more pics.

Once the bumper is off there are 2 steel supports on either side that are riveted on, these were not included with the new bumper, I drilled the rivets out and put the supports on the new bumper.

Installing new bumper was pretty much the reverse.

Here's the new bumper on the car

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