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What about a new timing chain? I'd do that just for peice of mind.

Also will your new combo support your current fueling capability? Any idea what you injectors are currently at?

Are you going to re-use your stock pushords? Seems odd to do all that and not replace the pushrods.

Also, depending on how many miles you have, when doing heads, it's a good opportunity to do lifters.

Don't forget the misc stuff:
- Head gaskets, intake manifold gaskets, new harmonic balancer bolt (andy any other fasteners you may need),fluids (radiator, engine oil, cam lube, etc.)
etc. etc. etc,

What about tunning?

And so the slippery slope goes.....


P.S. I'm captain overkill. My cam swap cost about $4k with parts, labor, tuning. Been running no issues for 70k miles this way though. Remember: Cheap, Powerfull, Reliable -- Pick 2. I went with the last 2.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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