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"Build Your Own" doesn't list Kona in the ESV at all. What?

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My wife had been waiting on a Platinum to see the interior color in person, but then decided to switch to Kona, and she's pretty adamant about it. She'd had 9 years of black/black and it's time for a change. Does not want beige.

I found on in Texas, so I know they made them (I'm in Seattle) at some point.

I know the wait times have been long, and there were some production delays in Kona, but does anyone know what's happening with them now? If you can't order one, and there aren't many around, do I have to grab the first one I find at whatever price they're asking, or is there a better way?

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Lot of differences and features between the standard and Premium.

Premium and Platinum is not so different. Platinum is basically a Premium with a few add ons like the cooler, different grill, different rims, and different interior options.

I am bummed Cadillac didn't add Dual exhausts in the new platinums along with heated/cooled cup holders. The 2013 Platinum I have now does have the duals and sounds amazing. Also they should have jacked the power up a little like 445-460 hp.
Borla makes an official GM accessory cat back with dual exhausts. I have it on my 15 Platinum. The heated/cooled cup holders never worked, so im not surprised they scraped it.
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