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Buick V. Oldsmobile

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For a very long time, Olds and Buick were almost inseperable. They offered cars that we're similarly priced, similarly designed, and for the most part, they sold to the same clientele.

In 1995 when Oldsmobile came out with the Aurora, they went down a sportier route than Buick, they had sportier, more modern designs then Buick did at the time.

I've always thought of Buick as a junior Cadillac, very conservative. "old money"

The modern Oldsmobile (1985-2004) was halfway between Buick and Pontiac. Its as luxurious as Buick, but more sporty like a Pontiac, just not as gimmicky.

What do you guys think?
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I like them but I don't see them as sportier than Pontiac in any sense.
No, not as sporty as Pontiac, but somewhere between Pontiac's sportiness and Buick
I dont understand Olds at all really. GM, at the time, had everything competing
Sorta went

Cadillac Pontiac
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Cadillac and Pontiac on the same Price level?

Heres how it goes for me.

In the 70's and early 80's Olds was just a half-step below Cadillac, but not many knew it.

When there were fewer brands available to the American consumer, people were a lot more car-conscious. What you drove said more about who you were than it does even today. There really weren't but about a dozen different vehicles to choose from.

My father was a salesman, drove about 50,000 miles a year. He had a '72 Delta 88, followed by a '75 Ninety-Eight, then an identical '76 Ninety-Eight Regency.

He said that he bought the Oldsmobiles because a customer might be offended if his salesman drove a newer, nicer car. Nobody was ever offended by Oldsmobiles. His '76 model was identical to the '75 because he didn't want anyone to know he had bought a new car.

He could've afforded the Cadillacs but he didn't buy one until he became upper management. That's when he bought a '77 DeVille. That was a special car. If I recall correctly, the DeVille cost about $12,700, and an equally-equipped Ninety-Eight was about $11,500. There were very few differences, except for what was under the hood.
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I~LUV~Caddys8792 said:
Cadillac and Pontiac on the same Price level?
Heres how it goes for me.
No not pricing, the range takes a split after Chevy, One way went towards comfortable, and one towards luxury, I always thought Olds was sportier, so it would gto Buick then Cadillac on one side of the scale, and then Olds then Pontiac on the other side.
GS455 or Hurst Olds?? Those were really the last choices that had to be made between Olds and Buick.

Olds did some nice work with the Quad4 in the early 90s and I don't really recall anything impressive from Buick other than the Grand National.
Chevy - Cheapest brand

Pontiac/Olds - About the same price, with Olds being more of everyday car and Pontiac being sporty

Buick - People who (essentially) wanted a Cadillac but didn't want people to think they were rich and flamboyant...

Of course, Buick has become more conservative, they don't have as much chrome anymore, etc.

Olds needed to be killed off though. Either Olds or Buick.:rolleyes: It really didn't matter which. I think they chose Olds though because it was such an old brand (no pun intended). As we've seen, GM is trying to make itself look more modern and hip (like giving Cadillac cars alphanumeric names).

BUT, they should have capitalized on Buick. Because now Buick could compete with cars like the Passat and Avalon, but it's beginning to be perceived TOO heavily as an old man's car, since Cadillac is no longer that brand:lildevil:. If they bring out the Velite, or a new Grand National, they'll be fine. I think the Lucerne is great car too. I'd get one - it's powerful and nice, but it's understated luxury. People won't be gawking at it all the time like they would a DTS or CTS-V...
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I have always liked Buick over Oldsmobile. My dad bought my mom an 84 Buick Park Avenue new. It is just barely under a Cadillac. Sucker has Lazy boy quality seats, rockin stereo, it drives like a dream and has a what speed bump ride. It has been parked for 8 years and the Olds 307 will start right up, and I still drive it from time to time. I would much prefer a Rivera over an Aurora simply due to the styling, alas I think that they need to lay Buick to rest. What they are doing to them now does no justice to how they used to be anyway, let them be remembered for what they truly were. Big, affordable luxury liners that gave Cadillac happiness to the working class man that couldn't afford the hefty price of Caddy.
Buick, Olds, and Pontiac.

What a paradox...They're totally different and totally redundant all at the same time.
I would have rather seen Buick go than Olds. Except for the name... the name really sucked.

But... Oldsmobile had some very decent cars toward the end there that didnt make you feel as old as driving a Buick did... Intrigue, Aurora, Bravada (nicer than the Trailblazer and Rainier). They just seemed like a step up from Pontiac, and not nearly as plasticky.
It's hard to say which I like better. Buick built the nailhead and some damn fine automobiles in the mid-60's, but then again, Olds was GM's true first performance division. The mid-80's had the Delta 98 Regency Brougham, one of my favorite vehicles from the 80's. Buick had the GN, fastest stock car ever! Olds had the 442. It goes back and forth, the brands are similar in a lot of respects, but I agree, Olds was the better brand to axe instead of Buick. GM needs the customers who buy Buick as well as the vehicles to compete that Buick builds more than that of Olds.
Yea I agree Buick had a few really great cars, the GN being the last of those, but of the most recent vehicles, Oldsmobile seemed to have a better lineup.
Heres what I like for Buicks:
1968-72 Skylark Grand Sport
1980-84 Electra/Park Avenue
1979-85 Riviera
1988-90 Electra/Park Ave
1986-87 Grand National/GNX
1992-96 Roadmaster Sedan
1991-96 Park Avenue
1997-2005 Park Avenue
1995-1999 Riviera
2006 Lucerne

Heres What I like for Oldsmobile
1968-72 442
1967-70 Toronado
1971-78 Toronado
1979-85 Toronado
1981-84 Ninety Eight
1987-90 Ninety Eight/Touring Sedan
1991-96 Ninety Eight/Touring Sedan
1990-92 Toronado/Trofeo
1994-1999 Eighty Eight LSS/LSS
1995-1999 Aurora
1998-2004 Intrigue
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And when they got rid of Olds, they should have dropped GMC too. I mean, what a waste. It's just a bunch of Chevy Trucks with GMC badges on them...I know people say that "but GMC is the WORK truck, and Chevy's are more personal". But thats a load of crap - CHevy makes work trucks too. I mean, they're the EXACT SAME TRUCKS!:p
I grew up in the Roger Smith era of GM. To me, Buick and Olds were nothing but Chevys with more chrome and extra seat padding, except Olds had a few more high tech gimmicks. By the 90s, Olds was the weird wannabe import clone and Pontiac was for boy-racers who couldnt afford real sports cars. Cadillac, at least, was always a cut above.

I wouldnt mind an Aurora or a Bonneville though.
Jesda said:
Pontiac was for boy-racers who couldnt afford real sports cars.
Yeah thats pretty much why every kid at my high school has a Grand Am GT...Because they're race cars! :rolleyes:
Well, over the last 10 years the boy-racer image remained but the clientele changed. Pontiac became the top choice for women looking for "something sporty." According to Forbes, the Pontiac brand has the highest percentage of female registrations.
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