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Hey guys. This past week my 90 Brougham started its "restoration"
Im a junior in a Voc Tech high school, taking auto body. So i figured, lets do this Cadillac up right, and dirt cheap.

Things that I have done,
Brand new OEM hood ornament mounted
Trunk totally stripped and re sealed
Rear bumper fixed (chrome flaking)
Rust ont bottom of 3 doors and trunk lid gone and repainted.
Leak inside MAY be fixed.
All the bottom panles are sanded and repaired if any inprofections

Things that are going to happen next shop week
Bottom trim painted, white again
Continetal kit painted white and mounted
interior gutted except for dash to check and fix any rust on floors
fix the leak inside if it still leaks
redo the headliner
Instal a used working power antenna
Tuned up in Automotive shop.
install stainless steel door edge guards and window vent shades

Only thing that will cost me is having a pro redo the white top, for $400.

i think its worth it.

And i also installed caddy wreaths around the door locks

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I went to a "tech" HS too and majored in Computer-Aided Drafting & Design, and am now in college pursuing a Mechanical Engineering degree.

My brother, on the other hand, is currently a Junior in the same school and is in Auto Body--third year and, apparently, he's the "top" one in the class according to the teacher and, judging from the INSANE masterpieces I've seen him complete when building models, I can only imagine the work he could do on a real car.

Regardless, I've always been tempted to buy a car in need of some moderate work for cheap and try and get it taken in as a class project kind of a deal, but there's a lot of other people with a similar idea, and they barely have enough time to get the class requirements done.

Hope you can post some pics because I really want to see this "project" of yours!:cool2:
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