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Hello to all my new Cadillac minded friends !!! I just found this site while looking for info on my 01 Deville's cold knock. (Don't blame me for "Babying it", I just bought it in July w/37K on it.) I already did the W.O.T. thing, NOW THAT WAS COOL!! :2thumbs: I'm not new to Caddys, I just been gone for a while.
It seems that back in June of 87 ,on the day I got married, neither one of my "Babies" (72 Eldo Convert,81 Fleetwood Brm) wanted to go to the wedding, so the wife showed up in an old Chevy Cavilier !! She moved in, they moved out:thepan: . I also owned 67 & 68 Sedan Deville's & another 72 Eldo Convert. I look forward to sharing Caddy stories & info with you !!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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