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2005 CTS 3.6L, 2006 350Z, Ducati 996s
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joeyblaze said:
i have the 3.6, and i thought it wasnt decided yet if the V helps/harms performace, and then findinging a v. Does any one have any part number for the magna flows, im guessing if i did that my E&G'S wont fit
Well, the stock OEM exhuast out the mufflers is 2". All you have to do is find the diameter of the Magnaflow muffler outlet from thier website. If its 2", it will fit.

We're not really sure about how the V does on the 3.6. We DO know that the V will perform alot better on the 3.6 then the 3.2. That's definite. I just can't see the V exhuast performing well. If a 2.5" exhuast was good, Borla, Corsa and B&B would have made theirs that size.

I'm pretty sure you can get Magnaflow mufflers with 2" outlets, which means the E&G tips will fit.
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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