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Broken wheel lock

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Took the V in to have some winter tires put on at Big O in SLC. Well they broke the wheel lock and then dinged up the rim with an air chisel trying to get the remainder off. They still can’t get the damn thing off. The locks were installed by GM or the dealer and haven’t been touched. I told Big O that someone needs to buy me a new rim. They blamed the dealer and called them for restitution. The dealer said that they were not a GM product and it was not their problem. However I have the original GM paperwork saying otherwise. So I left the car at Big O and told them to work it out with the dealership as it definitely was not my problem and that I would not accept the car as is. All this after I just picked up the V from the body shop after paying $500 out of pocket to repair hit and run damage from some SOB. Got to love it.
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Wow when it rains it pours!! Hope you find that guy!
Is this an STS or a CTS-V?
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