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Hey everyone,
Recently ive been looking into installing a catch can to help with the oil consumption in my 07 CTS 3.6l. During my install, I ended up breaking the plastic pcv tube that inserts into the intake itself. I tried several ways to remove the tube with the nub that was sticking out but they have all failed and now the nub broke off to the point where you cant grab unto it/pry it anymore. The pic i attached shows it before the outter piece broke all the way off and the rest of the plastic is stuck inside. I was thinking about 'carefully' using a drill or tap set to try an extract the lodged tube. I can remove the intake if needed as im concerned if i do this ill get plastic shavings down into the motor. Does anyone have any advice on this matter? Also, whats the best way to actually pull those tubes out? any help is appreciated.


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