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Brian's Modified Hurst Shifter for the V

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I got tired of the sloppy shifting and not finding gears so I ordered Brian's (PISNUOFF, CTSV07 in other forums) modified Hurst Camaro short throw shifter (along with other mounts and bushings from Creative Steel).

Let me say this - WOW. The difference was night and day. The shifting was so much more precise and crisp. It simply felt like driving a different car after installing it, along with a transmission mount and differential bushing.
I also flushed the transmission fluid and replaced it with Penzoil Synchromesh. Anybody with shifting issues, this is the way to go. Installation of the shifter was very straight forward with his instructions. I did run into an issue with my shifter linkage having bent tongs/ears from previous owner who had modified the stock shifter. I had trouble getting the new shifter base into the shifter linkage, but after fighting with some pliers I was able to open it up enough to get it in.

Note, I did NOT drop the exhaust or driveshaft to install this. Also, Brian has shifter boots for sale. I got mine black with silver stitching. Very happy customer.

Hope this helps someone else!


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I wonder how much difference it would be to go from my B&M to Brian's Hurst.

Hm-m ...
Yes. Brian's shifters are the shit. Unfortunately some egos clashed here and he is forever gone from the cadillac forums. And in all honesty, when he left so did half the members here and this place died out. It's a ghost town now...
Yeah, we need a spam thread like the old days to liven things up a bit here.
One mention of spam and thebigjimsho comes out of the wood work...........
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Yea thebigjimsho is more like lite spam now that he has no v and can't get any v. lol the shifter does add to the car though.
Yea thebigjimsho is more like lite spam now that he has no v and can'[t get any v. lol the shifter does add to the car though.
Just put my Hurst in last week. I love it.
Did you have anything before or just the OEM shifter?
Anyone have a line on where you can order just the knob? I already have a shifter. edit - nevermind, amazon...duh

A little disappointing, I was hoping for the heft of a metal knob.
see for a selection of knobs

i replaced my UUC with Brian's Hurst this morning and it's night and day - what a huge difference. No more slop - like a gated shifter now.
The 2 bolts that are supplied that hold the base in place. I'd put a touch of blue loctite on them. Mine were snugged down and within 3 months they backed themselves out from vibration. Even with a lockwasher in place. Other than that it's a nice upgrade. The only downside is because it is significantly shorter it requires more effort to shift. I'm dumping the Hurst ball and going to a Delrin knob that is longer. They also don't transfer heat. The shifter itself will get hot in the summer.
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