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--Formerly Today Cheverolet/Cadillac:

I've purchased several Cadillacs from this dealership. Sales are easy, it's the maintenance that matters. Initially, I had a different Service Writer every time I went in. Somehow, Alex Black has remained. Don't see anyone else unless you want the second-best Service Writer there. Alex never fails to call when she says she will and has always kept me updated on the status of my repairs. My CTS-V has had minimal issues, the XLR however . . .

I purchased my XLR from another dealer a month after the warranty expired. The first time I cycled the retractable hardtop, (after having tested it five times in sucession on the lot) it failed. The problem was traced to a defective ($1600) hydraulic pump. I purchased the pump online for a significant savings and they installed it for the price of labor. Not every dealership would have allowed that. When I pointed out that both headlight DRL bezels were melted ,(a common problem on the '04s and '05s until a different material was implemented) Alex along with Service Manager Mike Mangapit contacted GM and had them replaced with the upgraded headlight assemblies/harnesses for free! This saved me $2000.

Last month after the top had been serviced for a faulty sensor, I noticed a scratch ont he right sail panel and wear mark on the inner trunk edge. I drove straight back and showed Mike. Without hesitation he said, "We'll take care of it." This is the essence of customer service. The car required major work to remove the top and have it repaired at a local body shop -$1000 worth of labor; again without charge.

This dealership has a knowledgeable XLR tech who has never failed to quickly diagnose and fix my vehicle. I give them my heartiest endorsement and would recommend their services to anyone.

CC Clarke
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