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1999 Cadillac DeVille D`Elegance
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I just replaced my control module, coil, distributor cap, and rotor. Now after I changed my control module, my car finally idles great on cold starts as to where before, it would idle really high and give me a engine light with the E30 - ISC RPM Out Of Range code. That's fixed now... but it brought on another small problem...

My car runs great in every aspect now except for when I'm braking... if I'm above 25 mph, and start braking to a stop, it seems as if when it "drops into first gear" (the best way to describe it), the engine kind of jumps and throws in a little aceleration for probably one second, and then continues breaking. After replacing the control module, is there something else I need to adjust because it's quite annoying to get a jolt everytime I come to a stop. Thanks for any info.
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