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Brakes...or Clutch? Smoking!

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So, every once and awhile after some brisk driving I get the smell of either brakes or clutch...well the other day I also noticed smoke!

It seemed like the smoke was coming from UNDER the car. It was also kind of windy that day so I couldn't pin point it.

Is the smell a normal thing? I'm pretty sure it still has the stock pads on it.

Could the clutch not be releasing all the way?
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My first guess would be a slipping clutch. How many miles on the clutch?

You can test for slippage by accelerating (and/or popping the clutch) at a very low speed ( 10-15 mph) while in a higher gear (4th or 5th). If the engine revs freely the clutch is slipping. If the clutch is not slipping the engine should bog or at least struggle slowing against the higher gear.
It doesn't feel like a slipping clutch....There's only about 58k miles on it.

I'll try the way you suggested also.

You should be able to tell the difference between a clutch and brake pad smell.

Just take a whiff close to each wheel.

(good thing there isn't asbestos in the pads!).
I really smells like clutch to me...And would brakes smoke like that? I'm not talking about driving for a long the other day it did it after merging onto a road then immediately going into a turning lane (where I noticed the smoke) I only got into 3rd gear BTW...

I also noticed that shifting into 3rd gear when getting into there's a lag between the gas and actually "going" (if that makes sense, or even has anything to do with this)
Sounds like clutch to me. You really have to beat on the brakes to get them to smoke. Also, the lag between gears sounds like it's slipping. I'd bleed the clutch first just to rule out any funny clutch issue. Plus, it's virtually free to do.
I was hoping you wouldn't say that :lol:

Guess its time for a remote bleeder also.

It doesn't FEEL like its slipping, the clutch grips pretty good, but there's only about 1" of play in the clutch before it engages...not sure if thats normal.
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