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Brake Work

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I am going to take my truck in for service next week, and Im thinking I need some new brakes. Has anyone had brake work done recently, and if so how much should I expect to pay. I am just trying to get a heads up on the cost.

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Nobody has had brake work done recently? Replaced rotors? New pads? Anything?
i had 2 get new rotors and pads all way round on my 02 escalade.
cost around $1600 at the dealer
I'm sure the cost will depend upon where the service is done. Please use a good shop. The dealer will probably be the most expensive, but there is probably implied warranty. If you go to a tire/brake shop you can expect to pay anywhere from $75 to $150 per rotor and probably from $75 to $125 for pads per axle. Labor will run $100 to $150 per axle. Then there are brake fluid and brake hoses. You can probably save some money by buying your pads and rotors from someone like TireRack, but then the shop that installs them probably won't help you if you have any problems.

Hope this helps.
I usually do mine myself, in the past with my Suburban's I was always putting on aftermarket brake pads for better stopping, but these stock ceramic's that they use now work great.
Thanks guys. I am probably just going to have the dealer do the work if I need it, but just wanted to get a heads up on prices.
$1600???? That's a rip-off. Now I know why I do all my own work on my vehicles.
Has anyone bought these? I have 22"'s on now, but would the stock wheels fit with 14" rotors?

Front fitment
Style: Slotted
Finish: Black
Note: (Front) Slotted vented rotors. Straight slotted finish. Upsizes OE rotor (12.01") to 14.00". Kit includes caliper relocation brackets. Verify wheel clearance prior to installation.
$444.00 (kit)
The general rule of thumb seems to be to add 4" to the rotor diameter to determine wheel size. 14" rotor + 4"= 18" wheel.
there is an episode of trucks that explains step by step how to replace your brake pads and install an aftermarket brake kit.
1600$!!! Don't do it!! For 1600- i will fly to your local, install cross drilled rotors, ceramic pads, plus teach you how to do it yourself. Either your BSn about the quote for the work or getting jacked. I have too much time on my hands so I will break it down for ya cheapest to most expensive.
1. basic brake job. 89$ at your nearest Midas (includes rotor resurfacing and new pads: totally OK if your satisfied with stock performance). I have had a dealer quote up to 500 for the fronts only. If you are mechanically inclined this can be done for 20-50$ easily with basic tools.
2. Basic upgrade:
which I have done to my ride for around 200$
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