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Brake issues

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Has anyone had problems with Front Calipers seizing on these cars?? I have a 1995 STS and I changed the drivers side caliper 9 days ago and it has seized again, any ideas.
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Are the slide pin boots in place? Are the pins clean, shiny and lubed? If not, the caliper will stick and not release.
Yup, I went over all that stuff, this time they got so hot that the brakes were actually smokin' when I got home. I even took the rotor off and check to see if it was floating easily and it was, unless I just got a defective caliper, but it is still frustrating.
Possibly some rust in the piston bore that is preventing the piston from releasing pressure.
I would hope not, the caliper was brand new.
Well, something is preventing brake fluid pressure from being released. It's either the slide pins, piston/bore or an internally collapsed line. Nothing else I can think of.
sounds to me like you have a collapsed line....way to check, when the caliper locks up open the bleeder...if it frees up theres your problem
If the line was collapsed, how long would it take for the Caliper to appear to be seized?? I do a fair bit of driving, in the 9 days between the calipers, I put on over 1500kms, but the brakes felt good the whole time. Oh well, gonnna get rid of the money put anyway and get something a little more economical for the amount I travel for work.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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