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Brake Hose / Brake Pressure - 2006 STS 3.6L

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Hey All!

I just recently replace my rear left brake hose and am now having a problem getting pressure in my brake pedal. Prior to replacing the hose, I lost all of my brake fluid in the reservoir. So, after replacing the hose, I topped off the brake fluid. I though that I bled the brake properly, but I am now not getting any pressure in my brake pedal. When I press down, it hits the ground almost instantly. There is still fluid in the reservoir and my DIC isn't giving me any codes or info on brake fluid/assist like it was. Could anyone please help me figure out how to get pressure back in my brakes? Thanks in advance for any help!

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It's worth every penny to take it to the dealer for this. Tell them of your repair, and that you have no idea how long the current brake fluid has been in it. Have them use their machine to R&R the fluid and you'll sleep so much better. :)
edit; I just looked up what I paid and on 12/28/18 it was $129.96 for "Brake flush and exchange".
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