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Brake help - fishing for experience

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Since I live in Massachusetts, I'm going to be swapping my new 24s off for the winter months and putting the knobby 17s back on. I'd like to upgrade the brakes to better handle the 24s, but without larger rotors, so I can still easily swap rims - without swapping the whole hub assembly every 6 months.

What are my best options for brake upgrades that will still fit inside the stock 17" wheels?

- T
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Not many, but you can always put braided stainless steel brake lines on, with slotted or drilled rotors and a performance brake pad instead of the ceramic brake pads your truck came stock with, I have several customers with 22's and 24's that have done this because they need good tires for the snow and 17" are about it in terms of size, the only down side is their wheels get a lot of dust, but you have to give up something. :)
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