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Posted this last year on a 2010 SRX...

Cool 2010 DIY Brake Flush using Motive Kit

Decided to try the Motive Kit and Flush / Bleed Brakes. Extremely simple.
Purchased Part Number 0108 from Summit Racing
Motive Products Support 1-877-59-Brake if you need to know what kit you need for other vehicle's.

Was able to do job without removing wheels. I have 4 ramps from AUTOZONE. I use them for oil changes etc. on all my cars and trucks. Drove up on the 4, lets you easily scoot around under the truck checking for leaks etc. While under there, noticed rear axle right side leaking diff, and Right shock Loaded with dirt and dry oil, shock is bad. Back to dealer CPO fix.

Purchased 2 bottles of Dot3 Synthetic Brake fluid. Only needed 1 1/2. Was not sure how dirty fluid was.
Drove up the Ramps.
Suctioned out old Brake fluid from Brake reservoir.
Filled with New Dot3.
Installed Motive using thick gasket ( comes with 2 ).
Pumped up to 10lbs. Waited 30 sec. to check that it holds pressure. All OK.
Released air, added one bottle of fresh Dot3 to Motive tank, re-installed, pumped up to 10-12 lbs.

Bleed sequence for SRX Right Rear, Left Front, Left Rear, Right Front.
Purchased accessory bottle to catch old fluid. (Comes with cable attached to hang unit and flexible clear hose.)

Remove dust cap, Connected clear hose to RR, Loosen bleeder screw about half turn (till you see old fluid flow, it will not be fast so you have time to check on things) NOTE: if you open bleed screw too much, it will look like you have air in your brake lines because air leaks in around the screw thread's, no worries about air getting into system, that's what the Pressurized tank is for. Let it drain enough to fill the catch bottle about 3/4 full, fluid was very dirty 55K on it. Had to pump the canister about 2 times during the process to keep it around 10-12lbs. Closed bleed screw ( DO not OVER Tighten, just snug ) Done.

About 10 min per wheel.
(Note: you will need 2 different wrenches, rear are smaller Bleed Screws, Front are larger.

Removed unit, topped of reservoir.

It was a piece of cake. Well worth it. I have never done this before. Very happy with Motive vendor, they returned email next day letting me know what part to order. Very happy with shipping from Summit
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