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Brake Fluid Change

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I bought an '88 Brougham several months ago and have been gradually performing preventive maintenance just to get a starting point as the previous owner did not keep any records.

Today I got around to thoroughly checking the braking system.
Results of my inspection are as follows:

Rear auto/adjusters frozen. Did not realize that they are automaticly adjusted only when the E-brake is applied. Apparently the previous owner never used it.

Replaced front pads, pins etc. had some life left on the pads but changed out everything using AC/Delco OEM replacement parts.

Evacuated old brake fluid. Went to a shop for this as I do not own an automatic bleeder. Wow, what crap came out of the system! Brake fluid looked like auto trans fluid. Pumped a gallon and a half of fresh fluid through the system after cleaning the resevoir. Cost: $40.00 to do this but I feel a lot better knowing what I have now.

Just wanted to pass the fluid tip on to others.
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That's something I've been planning to get done. My '79 still has the original fluid. The car has low mileage, but that fluid is still 28+ years old.
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