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Brake Controller Install Problem

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Hi guys,

I have the 2007 EXT. I read all the posts about brake controller installation. I purchased the prodigy. I located a loose cable where the fuse box is under the hood and connected it to a power supply. Next, I found the 4 cables stashed under the steering column and connected the brake controller to that.

The problem is that I am not getting power. The power cable (red/black) appears to be the same from under the hood to the brake controller part. I check for continuity but get nothing. Is it possible that it has a fuse somewhere? I checked everywhere I could but can't find anything. I doubt that the cable just broke.

Just for the heck of it I ran my own power cable and everything worked fine. So I know the other 3 cables are ok. I would still rather use the stock cable otherwise I need to look for a good way to run my own power cable.
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This is the wire that I connected under the hood.

This is the wire under the steering wheel.

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I know we had power on the red/black cable, don't know why you don't, any difference with the key off or on?
there are 2 wires to connect. I too have the prodigy and installed exactly as you did. I found another red wire near the the fender.

One of the wires charges the Brake Controller. The other is a hot lead for charging the batteries (or dome light) in your trailer.

Hope this helps.
Now I must go wash the inside of my engine compartment. I had no idea is was this dirty!!!

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