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1994 deville, 1983 fleetwood
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my 1994 deville fornt disk brakes have been grinding wether im using the brakes or not. its only ont he front right side and i toko the wheel off and discovered a rock jammed in there which i removed and that helped but there is still grinding the pads are very new not even close to needing replacement. i did see a line one both sides of the rotor where it appears somethign has been digging into them like a gouge so iwanted to pull the calpier and pads to see if somethign has jammed in there. however i cant get the caliper off there isnt two bolt heads coming out for me to unbolt ive been all over the internet and it says remove the two bolts but they are not there only what i can see to be a hole for a giant allen wrench type thing surrounded in rubber is this it?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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